The Art Of Life


Your life IS a work of Art: if this phrase doesn't resonate yet, you might want to be immersing yourself more in colour, expression and freedom.... 

Art is something that inalienably and inherently belongs to us - is OURS by our living it. Real Art comes from core, heart, spirit, cosmos - through our unique co-creative imprint: each and E V E R Y human being is creator and co-creator through divine gift from God/ the unified field/ Universal Intelligence/ the Intelligent Universe.

Even if the 'world' and 'culture', 'public' and 'system' or family and friends don't support us to make our Art - to live the Art of our inimitable life, *the Universe does* and always will - because we were *made* to live Art-fully.

What I mean, is that the living Cosmos rises up to meet our uniqueness-through-action; the more that we courageously embrace our Gifts and trust in the truth of Natural Law to miraculously bring us all that we need, the more it will do so. The more that Life will unfold beautifully and harmoniously.

In a materially-minded dream state however - that which has domineered over our collective vision for at least a millenium or two - we see 'art' as something 'not for us': far away, out of reach, unaffordable, only by and for 'special' and 'privileged' folk. 

This is a momentous lie, and is contrary to Nature: it is the core distortion of our True Nature as spirit manifest in flesh and blood: the untruth that we cannot create, that we can only consume.

Unlocking our infinite co-creative potential is an essential aspect of our growth into full health, wealth and happiness. Our collective health-wealth-happiness is dependent on us knowing art-heart-hearth intimately: knowing that we are creating all that is around us.

This is our immense power and responsibility, to create, to witness and honour other's creations, and to collaborate symbiotically in how we organise our 'civilisation'.

Being in the current state of disease and poverty around what our power is, and not comprehending how to use it for the good of all, we need creators of Art more than ever - especially those who have dedicated life-long practises using Art as divination out of the labyrinth and into divine-union-with-all-things.

If everyone who received pleasure-inspiration-ideas-energy-enlightenment from one's Art - if they all tipped a coin in return, responded in kind or made a commitment to support the creator long-term, then we as creators (and our Art as mirror into the soul of the cosmos!) WOULDN'T be relegated to the outskirts of 'culture'!

Properly rewarded, we'd be able to interweave our colour, depth, meaning and beauty for all, into the fabric of our shared reality.

It is the power and response-ability of every single one of us, in witness to Art, to return and pass on the Gift it has bestowed upon us: our reciprocation, in rewarding the art or buying it and having it in our home, powers deeper and more expansive Art to be created - which then enriches the world for all in the most vital way.

Comprehending this fully, in turn, can support our own expansion-of-spirit-manifest: good karma/ juju comes abundantly from our feeding the heart of our collective conscious.

Though my creative 'business' and online presence have had to be greatly simplified in recent years (due to widespread censorship and heavy orientation away from Art and Truth), I continue to make new Art and to craft the Art Of Life from my mystical Arthouse in Italy.

As I have been sharing on my Hive and Patreon communities, I also have the great good blessing and blissing of gestating a new life in this power-full time: a Sovereign Being coming through me, to radiate the purity of co-creation in these magnificently dynamic moments... I am protecting this sacred work by keeping it in the private realm... at least until the human conscious is more embracing of those dedicating their lifework to Nature and Truth!

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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