My Art

I had a calling to Art from an early age; I gained mastery in drawing and painting in my teens and then went to great lengths to evolve an inimitable visual language, eventually revealing occulted wisdom around healing, creation and the divine synchrony of freedom in the everymoment. 

I've wasted minimal time in my colourful career within the conventional 'art' ' world': instead I've developed my work autonomously - by necessity. 

My spontaneous and intuitive painting approach is a vibrant living practise of wholistic expression, using the highest quality cold-pressed oils alongside pencil and pen, crayon and bare hands - on reclaimed materials like ancient wood and old furniture surfaces.

This website is just a tiny window into details of my Art - to see my practise in living colour, view my extensive body of work, access my catalogue, visit my studio, hear about our co-creative art-healing-transformation residencies in Italy, and lots more - join my Patreon.

my art book

This document is structured like a conventional art catalogue: it contains extensive imagery of my paintings and their stories, as well as introducing you to my approach. It also explains how to acquire a piece of my Art. The link will take you to LBRY/ Odysee platform, a decentralised and people-led initiative around free expression. 

click to download PDF

NOTE: If you're not already gifting me via Patreon or Hive, I appreciate a donation towards the work I have put into this book: see the Support My Work page. For my supporters (and folks who already have my Art) the suggested donations in the Art Book do not apply: all those who Gift me get access to my Art at greatly reduced rates!

I Am Clare. of the family Galloway, manifest in living flesh and vitality in the month of December in the year 1900 and 72,
on the south-facing flank of the highest peak of the island known commonly as Arran,
in the country referred to in the collective conscious as Scotland. 
All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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