I share my process and any news about my McMA clothing via my and Patreon - and hope to be be releasing a new collection in the late spring/ early summer!

My passion is using old fabrics and garments, deconstructing them, and letting them form organically into new, beautiful, functional, long-lasting clothes and accessories. These become magical layers, which help my energy to sing, and protect me from the toxicity of the conventional everyday. As an uber-sensitive-sensorially currently in a human body, the creation of clothing that protects me like this has been profoundly strengthening.

I've always worked uniquely-intuitively, and have found that this is The Way to bring incredible riches into being! Having moved for the greater part into Living In Gift, I create in a Way that doesn't involve designing in the conventional (cerebral) sense. I focus on the natural qualities of the fabrics, hand-sewn details, durability of structures and the free-ing fit of a beautiful garment....

The importance of our second skin as meaningful expression of our living identity cannot be over-emphasised: making one's own clothing can be a dynamic process of healing and transformation. I have always taken old clothing and fabrics and adjusted them, but am now taking this practise to a another level. I'm in the middle of a Year Of Mastery In Needlework - and will be presenting my first collection of reconstructed clothing, this year. 

I offer the handmade things that  I create - and details of the processes with which I create them - as Gift to a select group of folks who support me in a mutually-beneficial relationship. I do creative repairs and rejuvenations of old, favourite clothing, also.

I Am Clare. of the family Galloway, manifest in living flesh and vitality in the month of December in the year 1900 and 72,
on the south-facing flank of the highest peak of the island known commonly as Arran,
in the country referred to in the collective conscious as Scotland. 
All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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