I have almost 50 years of experience of making with my hands: from early experiments with dolls' clothing and hobbit-house underground dens in the hillside where I grew up... to recent quiet adventures in DIY, fabrics and natural materials: I've always worked uniquely-intuitively-spontaneously, and have found that this is The Way to bring incredible riches into being! My paintings are often on found or reclaimed canvas, board and wood.

Having moved for the greater part into Living In Gift, my work is increasingly dynamically spontaneous: I create in a Way that doesn't involve designing in the conventional sense: I use materials that I find around me, and craft, weave, form, play and try new skills. This has brought some beautiful items into being in recent years, as I have branched out of painting and into dolls, coats, bags, purses and baskets...

These special, improvised items - using found materials and/ or secondhand and gifted stuffs - have come into my life out of necessity, as I have not had money to buy things, and in my free time (i.e. all my time is free: it is always unrestricted by deadlines, orders or contract(ion)s) I have been called to make them, to enhance my own life. From this powerfully enjoyable use of my time, I have beautiful artisan items that I can then Gift to the right home and person, when the time arrives.

I'm also harvesting various crops and making homemade preserves like chutneys and jams, and things sott'olio and sotto aceto like olives, which I look forward to bartering and gift-exchanging, instead of having to earn coin as an in-between!

I have offered these special handmade things as gift exchanges (as I've been doing with my paintings for years), to a select group of folks who either support me long-term through Patreon, or who support me somehow (not always with money) in some kind of a mutually-beneficial relationship. At this point, I'm Gifting mostly locally and face-to-face, through unique relationships and one-off exchanges.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Lived - None Ceded 
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