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I live  e x t r e m e l y  frugally in respect to the average living woman and man in contemporary Europe: I subsist through foraging, living very simply and being deeply fulfilled by the gift of being alive and capable. I'm currently actively adapting my magical medieval quarter home to not needing an external electrical supply... I'm transparent with my special folks, about what I need and want, whilst staying humble and consuming very little. And I have worked hard throughout my life to both share my work freely, and to free others into the abundant paradise that we could be living in. 

You can via my current goals via my Patreon profile - my most urgent current need is to find suitable solutions for household energy and connectivity, as I remove myself from the Italian national grid, whilst also trying to get my tech back online. 

Please feel into returning the Gifts that The Art Of My Life is offering you freely, by supporting my work via one of the links below. Your generosity makes a HUGE difference in my life. For example, I can spend more time creating and expanding my work, if I'm not subsisting from nature, making do and mending, or travelling by foot.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Lived - None Ceded 
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