My life has been filled with unique and particular situations, often involving myself as protagonist in inspiring change in e.g. community, landscape, life phase... As I've gained mastery of my own place in the world, and my part in the cosmos as divine co-creator (as we all are!), my work has become more consciously about actively visioning a better reality: radiating outwards waves of creative action - aligned with the cosmic intelligence - which bring all things into harmony and natural order.

We live in very specific times. There is much to let go of, dismantle, and heal. We need folks like myself who have been waiting their whole lives to take up a position in forming new organic structures and sacred-geometric rhythms... folks who fully comprehend what it is to live interconnectedly and without fear, autonomous and vitally-motivated. 

We are here, waiting, and preparing the new. I am one who can advise and mentor around returning to Natural Law, divine health, spiritual wholeness, collective thriving., right relationship with Gaia Sophia.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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