The Sovereign Womb

My Art has always held the core theme of Sacred Feminine; over the decades, working spontaneously and intuitively - using the primal practise of drawing and painting to transform my health-wealth-happiness - I have been enriched with the deep Truth of how we can effortlessly return to our True Nature as Sacred Feminine embodied. 

The Sovereign Womb is a podcast in which I am currently publishing the Secret Pregnancy series: listen via Aureal (on the or on Funkwhale now. Support my work always via Patreon.

My work is likely to become more focussed on this vital area of life as I move into motherhood:  effortless fertility, sovereignty of the feminine cycles and psyche, female liberation into her true nature, and orgasmic birth and life. I am likely to be soon dedicating my full work focus to supporting the transformation of Birth as sacred gateway.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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