Living In Gift

Living in Gift DOES NOT MEAN that everything I make is free - at least in the commonly-perceived sense of 'free' within the consumerist cult. 

But it DOES mean that I both work unceasingly for the betterment of the whole, and that what I do create is freely given so that all may benefit.

 For the most part, I have sacrificed the conventional comforts, rewards and status which might have been awarded me if I'd compromised. Instead, I live in sovereignty and elegant simplicity, with easy access to the divine enrichment that should be all of our inheritance.

Our riches have been stolen from us by a multitude of tricks and threats, BUT ARE ALL freely accessible in THE HERE AND NOW from precisely WHO WE ALREADY ARE. We can step from where we are right now, into the sacred potential of this blessed existence, by simply stepping away from all that is untrue - i.e. towards that is true.

This way we tweak our reality towards increased wellbeing, vitality, wisdom, freedom, enrichment and Right Way - and all controversy, conflict and manipulation dissolve. This frees us to live our best life: to follow our heart-centred work, to take our proper place in the community, and to fulfil our unique vision as it was Gifted us before our conception.

Gift is a profound and far-reaching higher philosophy of Life under humble service to Divine Law; it means dedicating one's life and resources to the spiritual healing and co-creative expansion of consciousness. This is a complex multidimensional reality, in which all things flow rightly according to Higher Will - of which we are an inalienable living piece. We are both the whole and the small part of the whole; our Will is inimately entwined with that of the Creator - we know that through our awakened sentience, and through listening to how all things interrelate.

When we live consciously and in harmony with elements, seasons, natural and human rhythms, all things come into mystical synchrony: we are provided for with a precision that is well beyond our ability to reason with the small mind/ front lobe separated 'conscious' or mainstream-culturally-defined 'logic'. Magic happens, and we connect and create without labouring effortfully/ unpleasantly in the conventional sense. We will feel guided and buoyed by the Universe, and all our ills and pains will rise up and release effortlessly. This wisdom continues to reveal itself to us, as we listen and act rightly, correcting all relationships and avoiding drama or unnecessary jousting with others.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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