Co-Creation is the taproot of my work and life: I take on organic, spontaneous, mutually-beneficial energetic agreements as I feel drawn to holistically. I also meet weekly with other co-creatives to share in living conversation around what is inspiring us and challenging us: see our Co-Creation Sessions below. 

I respond ONLY to a full-bodymindspiritcosmos YES!

This is very far from how I used to collaborate with other artists, organisations and 'the public' - I no longer accept cold-calling offers to work together, nor do I perform commissions in the usual sense. 

ALL my work comes from Source, via my core and heart, outwards - which acknowledges my role and my true nature Living as a consciously divine co-creator. I share from there, and this means that I don't participate in conventional norms of 'partnership' or 'contract'. 

The Co-Creation Sessions

Our weekly Sessions are an evolving group of wise, creative, spontaneous souls, all passionate about how we can use our co-creative potential better - and change the world on the subtle levels. We love diving deeply into both our own practises and experiments, challenges and solutions, loves and triggers - and supporting others.... We paint, write, play music, sing, sew, knit, crochet and more through these blessed hours between 3 pm and 6 pm Rome time, on a Thursday: join us via this Jitsi link directly.

If you use Signal App and would like to join our Sessions group there, send me a message via +39 334 1969 372, and I will add you. We share our creative practises and relevant links, as well as updates of our work progress after each Session. It's a good way to get a feel for who we are, before joining a live session. 😍

To get a feel for what our Sessions are all about, click here to watch our intro video on Rumble.

Clare. :All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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