I am a sovereign living woman and divine co-creator! 

I've lived and worked in multiple cultures, as protagonist in communities, gardens, landscapes; bringing colour depth and meaning, vitality and remedy to many kinds of chaos - and pouring Real Art back into the heart of community, where it belongs.

I have a very unusual, deeply mystical life - from my earliest memories I was vividly psychic, visionary and connected with both nature and the realms beyond our limited three-dimensional 'norms'.

My life and work have always been intimately interwoven, and I've been consistently evolving both my inimitable visual language, and my conscious identity as a whole being within the human collective, - which extends out into a greater intelligent cosmos. 

This dynamic creative life has led me on many quiet adventures in a variety of cultures - many projects and spaces, moments and celebrations....

I have had multiple significant revelations in my life; moments where new layers of Truth have become spontaneously visible and useful to me. I've used this to bring myself back from an extreme state of unhealth and out-of-balance, and into a fertile creative field of wellbeing. I've consistently chosen the path of freedom and learning, growth and healing - rather than the sticky trap of 'stability' and 'earning'.

I followed signs and dreams rather than ego and superficiality, and this led eventually to my being more and more autonomous, joyful, fulfilled, rooted, lucid - living in gift, synchrony, and a state of blessed bliss.

I now share to a very select collective of conscious individuals purely in the private realm. Mainstream has practically completely censored my paintings, writings, podcasts and sharings, and mainstream consciousness is unable to value or even look at Real Art! 

My life and work by necessity have gone off-grid - both literally and metaphorically! - and much of my time is now spent immersed in meditative comunion with Nature to subsist: chopping wood and carrying water. I have restricted access to technology these days, so if you wish to connect with me, join me on Patreon; I prioritise being in touch with my supporters. You can also see my goals and projects there.

‚ÄčI now communicate mostly via direct messaging with individuals and collectives aligned with co-creation, practical spiritual transformation, Natural Law, the Sacred Feminine and Sovereign Womb; living women and living men who are consciously working to heal us all into our divine creative purpose. Our profound and wide-reaching, open-ended and open-spirited conversations are part of the weaving of a new reality into being, as old, rigid systems crumble to cosmic dust. 

I Am Clare. of the family Galloway, manifest in living flesh and vitality in the month of December in the year 1900 and 72,
on the south-facing flank of the highest peak of the island known commonly as Arran,
in the country referred to in the collective conscious as Scotland. 
All Rights Embodied and Living - None Ceded 
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